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Google Web Toolkit 2.5 with leaner code

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Google Web Toolkit 2.5 with leaner code

From the post:

According to its developers, version 2.5 of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a Java-based open source web framework for Ajax applications, offers significant performance improvements. Apparently, the overall code base has been reduced by 20 per cent, and the download size of the sample application dropped 39 per cent.

GWT is built around a Java-to-JavaScript compiler that allows developers to almost exclusively use Java when writing an application’s client and server code. The user interface code is translated into JavaScript and deployed to the browser when required. The technology recently became a discussion topic when Google introduced its Dart alternative to JavaScript; however, Google has assured the GWT community that it will continue to develop GWT for the foreseeable future.

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How to combine Neo4j with GWT and Eclipse

Monday, November 21st, 2011

How to combine Neo4j with GWT and Eclipse by René Pickhardt.

From the post:

As stated before I did my first testings with Neo4j. Now I wanted to include Neo4j to GWT which is actually very straight forward but for some reasons I was fighting with it for quite a while. I even had to emberass myself by asking stupid questions on the neo4j mailinglist to which Peter and John Doran kindly responded.

Any way now I am excited to follow my research topics which I hope to answer by using neo4j.

A short (12 minutes or so) screencast of getting Neo4j, GWT and Eclipse together.