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Ambari for provisioning, managing and monitoring Hadoop

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Ambari for provisioning, managing and monitoring Hadoop

From the post:

Ambari is 100% open source and included in HDP, greatly simplifying installation and initial configuration of Hadoop clusters. In this article we’ll be running through some installation steps to get started with Ambari. Most of the steps here are covered in the main HDP documentation here.

The first order of business is getting Ambari Server itself installed. There are different approaches to this, but for the purposes of this short tour, we’ll assume Ambari is already installed on its own dedicated node somewhere or on one of the nodes on the (future) cluster itself. Instructions can be found under the installation steps linked above. Once Ambari Server is running, the hard work is actually done. Ambari simplifies cluster install and initial configuration with a wizard interface, taking care of it with but a few clicks and decisions from the end user. Hit http://:8080 and log in with admin/admin. Upon logging in, we are greeted with a user-friendly, wizard interface. Welcome to Apache Ambari! Name that cluster and let’s get going.

Even if you are working on the bleeding edge of big data, somebody got to mind the cluster.

This will help you discuss the process of building a cluster with confidence. (Even if you are chary of taking on the task alone.)

One Hour Hadoop Cluster

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

How to setup a Hadoop cluster in one hour using Ambari?

A guide to setting up a 3-node Hadoop cluster using Oracle’s VirtualBox and Apache Ambari.

HPC may not be the key to semantics but it can still be useful. 😉