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Sunday, June 14th, 2015


From the getting started page:

ClojureCL is a Clojure library for High Performance Computing with OpenCL, which supports:

  • GPUs from AMD, nVidia, Intel;
  • CPUs from Intel, AMD, ARM etc;
  • Computing accelerators and embedded devices (Intel Xeon Phi, Parallella, etc.).
  • BTW, the page is asking for native English speakers to help edit the pages. Recent enough effort that the documentation may not be set in stone, unlike some projects.

    You have to smile at the comment found under: Making sense of OpenCL:

    Once you get past the beginner’s steep learning curve, it makes sense, and opens a whole new world of high-performance computing – you practically have a supercomputer on your desktop. (emphasis added)

    I’m not accustomed to that much honesty in documentation. ­čśë

    Surprising enough to make it worthwhile to read further.