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Audio/Video Conferencing – Apache OpenMeetings

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Apache OpenMeetings

Ignorance of Apache OpenMeetings is the only explanation I can offer for non-Apache Openmeetings webinars with one presenter, listeners and a chat channel.

Proprietary solutions limit your audience’s choice of platforms, while offering no, repeat no advantages over Apache OpenMeetings.

It may be that your IT department is too busy creating SQLi weaknesses to install and configure Apache OpenMeetings, but even so that’s a fairly poor excuse for not using it.

If you just have to spend money to “trust” software, there are commercial services that offer hosting and other services for Apache OpenMeetings.

Apologies, sort of, for the Wednesday rant, but I tire of limited but “popular logo” commercial services used in place of robust open source solutions.