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Ransomware for Activists?

Friday, February 17th, 2017

An F-Secure infographic on ransomware starts:

That sounds a bit harsh don’t you think?

What if the ransomware in question were being used to:

  • Cripple “business as usual” strategies of corporate entities
  • Force divestiture from morally questionable entities or projects
  • Interfere with unlawful surveillance
  • Sanction illegal law enforcement conduct (Think Standing Rock)

Would you still agree with: Abandon All Ethical And Moral Principles[?]”

What if ransomware were used to stop:

  • coal mining companies that dump “excess spoil” in rivers and streams
  • oil transport companies that maintain leaky pipelines
  • usurers such as title pawn companies
  • police and prosecutors who abuse minorities
  • (add your target(s) to the list)

Is that ethical and/or moral?

General state of ransomware, see Evalutating the Customer Journey of Cryto-Ransomware And the Paradox Behind It by F-Secure

Make your own decisions but relinquishing a weapon because your enemy thinks poorly of its use makes no sense to me.