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Netflix: Solving Big Problems with Reactive Extensions (Rx)

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Netflix: Solving Big Problems with Reactive Extensions (Rx) by Claudio Caldato.

From the post:

More good news for Reactive Extensions (Rx).

Just yesterday, we told you about improvements we’ve made to two Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., releases: Rx and ActorFx, and mentioned that Netflix was already reaping the benefits of Rx.

To top it off, on the same day, Netflix announced a Java implementation of Rx, RxJava, was now available in the Netflix Github repository. That’s great news to hear, especially given how Ben Christensen and Jafar Husain outlined on the Netflix Tech blog that their goal is to “stay close to the original Rx.NET implementation” and that “all contracts of Rx should be the same.”

Netflix also contributed a great series of interactive exercises for learning Microsoft’s Reactive Extensions (Rx) Library for JavaScript as well as some fundamentals for functional programming techniques.

Rx as implemented in RxJava is part of the solution Netflix has developed for improving the processing of 2+ billion incoming requests a day for millions of customers around the world.

Do you have 2+ billion requests coming into your topic map every day?

Assuming the lesser includes the greater, you may want to take a look at Rx or RxJava.

Be sure to visit the interactive exercises!