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Apache MRUnit 0.9.0-incubating has been released!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Apache MRUnit 0.9.0-incubating has been released! by Brock Noland.

The post reads in part:

We (the Apache MRUnit team) have just released Apache MRUnit 0.9.0-incubating (tarball, nexus, javadoc). Apache MRUnit is an Apache Incubator project that is a Java library which helps developers unit test Apache Hadoop MapReduce jobs. Unit testing is a technique for improving project quality and reducing overall costs by writing a small amount of code that can automatically verify the software you write performs as intended. This is considered a best practice in software development since it helps identify defects early, before they’re deployed to a production system.

The MRUnit project is quite active, 0.9.0 is our fourth release since entering the incubator and we have added 4 new committers beyond the projects initial charter! We are very interested in having new contributors and committers join the project! Please join our mailing list to find out how you can help!

The MRUnit build process has changed to produce mrunit-0.9.0-hadoop1.jar and mrunit-0.9.0-hadoop2.jar instead of mrunit-0.9.0-hadoop020.jar, mrunit-0.9.0-hadoop100.jar and mrunit-0.9.0-hadoop023.jar. The hadoop1 classifier is for all Apache Hadoop versions based off the 0.20.X line including 1.0.X. The hadoop2 classifier is for all Apache Hadoop versions based off the 0.23.X line including the unreleased 2.0.X.

Reading about JUnit recently, in part just to learn more about software testing but also thinking of what it would look like to test semantics of integration? Or with opaque mappings is that even a meaningful question? Or is the lack of meaning to that question a warning sign?

Perhaps there is no “test” for the semantics of integration. You can specify integration of data and the results may be useful or not, meaningful (in some context) or not, but the question isn’t one of testing. The question is: Are these the semantics you want for integration?

Data has no semantics until someone “looks” at it so the semantics of proposed integration have to be specified and the client/user says yes or no.

Sorry, digressed, commend MRUnit to your attention.