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Unicode Escape Sequences – LTM & Omnigator

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

While writing a short topic map today I created the topic:

[ru1-1-2-2 : morph = “YM\u0022Y03”;

The basename is based on:


in a standard Hebrew transliteration system.

I substituted the \u0022 Unicode escape sequence for double-quote mark.

Which displayed:


So far, so good.

But I also had:

[ru1-1-13-2 : morph = “&:D\u002274Y”;

The basename being derived from:


Can you guess the character that was displayed without looking?

In case you are wondering, I tried to introduce a space between the escape sequence and “74” (an accent reference) to see if it made any difference:

&:D\u0022 74Y

Same result.

(spoiler space)

The result:

Failed Escape Sequence

Not exactly what I was hoping for.

The real answer is to obtain an UTF-8 version of the file in Hebrew, so I don’t have to worry with ASCII transliteration.

Still, you may encounter a case where you need to use Unicode escape characters.

Take this as a cautionary tale.