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Unpivoting Data with Excel, Open Refine and Python

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Unpivoting Data with Excel, Open Refine and Python by Tariq Khokhar.

From the post:

“How can I unpivot or transpose my tabular data so that there’s only one record per row?”

I see this question a lot and I thought it was worth a quick Friday blog post.

Data often aren’t quite in the format that you want. We usually provide CSV / XLS access to our data in “pivoted” or “normalized” form so they look like this:

Manipulating data is at least as crucial a skill to authoring a topic map as being able to model data.

Here are some quick tips for your toolkit.

Twitter Results Recipe with Gephi Garnish

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Grabbing Twitter Search Results into Google Refine And Exporting Conversations into Gephi by Tony Hirst.

From the post:

How can we get a quick snapshot of who’s talking to whom on Twitter in the context of a particular hashtag?

What follows is a detailed recipe with the answer to that question.

Data Shaping in Google Refine

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Data Shaping in Google Refine by AJ Hirst.

From the post:

One of the things I’ve kept stumbling over in Google Refine is how to use it to reshape a data set, so I had a little play last week and worked out a couple of new (to me) recipes.

The first relates to reshaping data by creating new rows based on columns. For example, suppose we have a data set that has rows relating to Olympics events, and columns relating to Medals, with cell entries detailing the country that won each medal type:

A bit practical but I was in a conversation earlier today about re-shaping a topic map so “practical” things are on my mind.

With the amount of poorly structured data on the web, you will find this useful.

I first saw this at: Dzone.