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Helping Google Achieve Transparency – Wage Discrimination

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Google faces new discrimination charge: paying female teachers less than men by Sam Levin.

From the post:

Google, which has been accused of systematically underpaying female engineers and other workers, is now facing allegations that it discriminated against women who taught employees’ children at the company’s childcare center.

A former employee, Heidi Lamar, is alleging in a complaint that female teachers were paid lower salaries than men with fewer qualifications doing the same job.

Lamar, who worked at Google for four years before quitting in 2017, alleged that the technology company employed roughly 147 women and three men as pre-school teachers, but that two of those men were granted higher starting salaries than nearly all of the women.

Google did not respond to the Guardian’s request for data on its hiring practices of teachers.

As Levin reports, Google is beside itself with denials and other fact free claims for which it offers no data.

If there was no wage discrimination, Google could release all of its payroll and related data and silence all of its critics at once.

Google has chosen to not silence its critics with facts known only to Google.

Google needs help seeing the value of transparency to answer charges of wage discrimination.

Will you be the one that helps Google realize the value of transparency?