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Saturday, April 21st, 2012


From the webpage:

MapReduce programming model has simplified the implementations of many data parallel applications. The simplicity of the programming model and the quality of services provided by many implementations of MapReduce attract a lot of enthusiasm among parallel computing communities. From the years of experience in applying MapReduce programming model to various scientific applications we identified a set of extensions to the programming model and improvements to its architecture that will expand the applicability of MapReduce to more classes of applications. Twister is a lightweight MapReduce runtime we have developed by incorporating these enhancements.

Twister provides the following features to support MapReduce computations. (Twister is developed as part of Jaliya Ekanayake’s Ph.D. research and is supported by the S A L S A Team @ IU)

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That’s the right order, yes? Download, if can’t get it running, look at samples, and if not running then, look at the documentation? ­čśë

Noticed at: Alex Popescu’s myNoSQL – Twister