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Rya: A Scalable RDF Triple Store for the Clouds

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Rya: A Scalable RDF Triple Store for the Clouds by Roshan Punnoose, Adina Crainiceanu, and David Rapp.


Resource Description Framework (RDF) was designed with the initial goal of developing metadata for the Internet. While the Internet is a conglomeration of many interconnected networks and computers, most of today’s best RDF storage solutions are confined to a single node. Working on a single node has significant scalability issues, especially considering the magnitude of modern day data. In this paper we introduce a scalable RDF data management system that uses Accumulo, a Google Bigtable variant. We introduce storage methods, indexing schemes, and query processing techniques that scale to billions of triples across multiple nodes, while providing fast and easy access to the data through conventional query mechanisms such as SPARQL. Our performance evaluation shows that in most cases, our system outperforms existing distributed RDF solutions, even systems much more complex than ours.

Based on Accumulo (open-source NoSQL database by the NSA).

Interesting re-thinking of indexing of triples.

Future work includes owl:sameAs, owl:inverseOf and other inferencing rules.

Certainly a project to watch.