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Wavii: New Kind Of News Gatherer – (Donii?)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Wavii: New Kind Of News Gatherer by Thomas Claburn.

Wavii, a new breed of aggregator, gives you news feeds culled from across the Web, from sources far beyond Google News. It also understands your interests and summarizes results.

From the post:

Imagine being able to follow topics rather than people on social networks. Imagine a Google Alert that arrived because Google actually had some understanding of your interests beyond what can be gleaned from the keywords you provided. That’s basically what Wavii, entering open beta testing on Wednesday, makes possible: It offers a way to follow topics or concepts and to receive updates in an automatically generated summary format.

Founded in 2009 by Adrian Aoun, an entrepreneur and former employee of Microsoft and Fox Media Interactive, Wavii provides users with news feeds culled from across the Web that can be accessed via Wavii’s website or mobile app. Unlike Google Alerts, these feeds are composed from content beyond Google News. Wavii gathers its information from all over the Web–news, videos, tweets, and beyond–and then attempts to make sense of what it has found using machine learning techniques.

Wavii is not just a pattern-matching system. It recognizes linguistic concepts and that understanding makes its assistance more valuable: Not only is Wavii good at finding information that matches a user’s expressed interests but it also concisely summarizes that information. The company has succeeded at a task that other companies haven’t managed to do quite as well.

Sounds interesting. After the initial rush I will sign up for test drive.

The story did not report what economic model that Wavii will be following? I assume the server space and CPU cycles plus staff time aren’t being donated. Yes? Wonder why that wasn’t worth mentioning. You?

BTW, let’s not be like television where if there is one housewife hooker show successful this season, next season there will be higher and lower end housewife’s doing the same thing and next year, well, let’s just say one of the partners will be non-human.

Here’s my alternative: Donii – Donii reports donations to you from within 2 degrees of separation of the person in front of you. Custom level settings: Hug; Nod Encouragingly; Glad Hand; Look For Someone Else, Anyone Else.