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The Wavelet Tutorial

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

The Wavelet Tutorial

As its name implies, a tutorial on wavelet transformation.

It’s not often that you see engineers implied to be non-math types but this tutorial was written from an engineering perspective and not for “math people.” (The author’s term, not mine.)

More accessible than many of the wavelet transformation explanations I have seen so I mention it here.


  1. What improvements would you suggest for this tutorial? (1-2 pages, no citations)
  2. What examples would you add to make it more relevant to information retrieval? (1-2 pages, no citations)
  3. Other wavelet tutorials that you have found helpful? (1-2 pages, citations/links)

Spectral Based Information Retrieval

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Spectral Based Information Retrieval Author: Laurence A. F. Park (2003)

Every now and again I run into a dissertation that is an interesting and useful survey of a field and an original contribution to the literature.

Not often but it does happen.

It happened in this case with Park’s dissertation.

The beginning of an interesting threat of research that treats terms in a document as a spectrum and then applies spectral transformations to the retrieval problem.

The technique has been developed and extended since the appearance of Park’s work.

Highly recommended, particularly if you are interested in tracing the development of this technique in information retrieval.

My interest is in the use of spectral representations of text in information retrieval as part of topic map authoring and its potential as a subject identity criteria.

Actually I should broaden that to include retrieval of images and other data as well.


  1. Prepare an annotated bibliography of ten (10) recent papers usually spectral analysis for information retrieval.
  2. Spectral analysis helps retrieve documents but what if you are searching for ideas? Does spectral analysis offer any help?
  3. How would you extend the current state of spectral based information retrieval? (5-10 pages, project proposal, citations)