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TIBCO ActiveSpaces – Community Edition Soon (2.0.1)

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

TIBCO ActiveSpaces

From the webpage:

There is increasing pressure on IT to reduce reliance on costly transactional systems and to process increasing streams of data and events in real time.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Enterprise Edition provides an infrastructure for building highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed applications. It combines the features and performance of databases, caching systems, and messaging software to support very large, highly volatile data sets and event-driven applications. It enables organizations to off-load transaction-heavy systems and allows developers to concentrate on business logic rather than the complexities of distributing, scaling, and making applications autonomously fault-tolerant.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Enterprise Edition is a distributed peer-to-peer in-memory data grid, a form of virtual shared memory that leverages a distributed hash table with configurable replication. This approach means the capacity of the space scales automatically as nodes join and leave. Replication assures fault-tolerance from node failure as the space autonomously re-replicates and re-distributes lost data.

I saw this at KDnuggets and had to investigate.

While poking about the site I found: Coming soon: ActiveSpaces Community edition! by Jean-Noel Moyne, which says:

I am proud to be able to announce that along with the upcomming ActiveSpaces Enterprise Edition version 2.0.1 we will also be releasing a new ‘Community Edition’ of ActiveSpaces 2.0.1.

The community edition will be available for download free of charge, giving every one a chance to evaluate ActiveSpaces for themselves.

The community edition is the full featured version of ActiveSpaces and is only limited in the fact that you can not use it in production, as it is only supported through the community of users and not by TIBCO Software and also by the fact that you can only have a maximum of four members to each metaspace that your process connects to.

Stay tuned for more details about this comming soon!

Looking forward to learning more about ActiveSpaces!