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nessDB v1.8 with LSM-Tree

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

nessDB v1.8 with LSM-Tree

From the webpage:

nessDB is a fast Key-Value database(embedded), supports Redis-Protocol(PING,SET,MSET,GET,MGET,DEL,EXISTS,INFO,SHUTDOWN).

Which is written in ANSI C with BSD LICENSE and works in most POSIX systems without external dependencies.

nessDB is very efficient on disk-based random access, since it’s using log-structured-merge (LSM) trees.

a. Better performances on Random-Read/Random-Write
b. Log recovery
c. Using LSM-Tree as storage engine
d. Background detached-thread merging
e. Level LRU
f. Support billion data

This came in over the nosql mailing list.

Pointers to literature on how “disk-based random access” has shaped our thinking/technology for processing? Or how going “off cache” for random access is going to shape the next mind-set about processing?