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Finding Roman Roads

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

You (yes, you) can find Roman roads using data collected by lasers by Barbara Speed.

Barbara reports that using Lidar data available from the UK Survey portal, David Rateledge was able to discover a Roman road between Ribchester and Lancaster.

She closes with:

The Environment Agency is planning to release 11 Terabytes (for Luddites: that’s an awful lot of data) worth of LIDAR information as part of the Department for Engironment, Food and Rural Affairs’ open data initiative, available through this portal. Which means that any of us could download it and dig about for more lost roads.

That seems a bit thin on the advice side, if you are truly interested in using the data to find Roman roads and other sites.

An article posted under ‘Lost’ Roman road is discovered, doesn’t provide more on the technique but does point to Roman Roads in Lancashire. Interesting site but no help on using the data.

I can’t comment on the ease of use or documentation but LiDAR tools are available at: Free LiDAR tools.

See also my post on the OpenTopography Project.

OpenTopography Project

Friday, December 14th, 2012

OpenTopograpy: A Portal to High-Resolution Topography Data and Tools

Which ironically has its “spotlight” on:

Discover Lidar Data Hosted by NCALM and USGS from OpenTopography

Which is summarized in the “spotlight” as:

The OpenTopography Find Data page is updated to display not only OpenTopography hosted-data, but also provides linkages to data hosted at the NCALM Data Distribution Center and USGS Center for Lidar Coordination and Knowledge (CLICK). The goal of this collaboration is to make it easier for lidar users to discover and link to online sources of data regardless of host.

Non-self referential and/or paid links that lead to additional content of interest to the reader.

If enough people did that, why we would have a useful WWW.

PS: Introduction to LiDAR video by the Idaho State University Geoscience Department