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A TinkerPop Story

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

A TinkerPop Story

From the post:

In a time long, long right now and a place far, far within, there exists a little green gremlin named…well, Gremlin. Gremlin lives in a place known as TinkerPop. For those who think of a “place” as some terrestrial surface coating a sphere that is circling one of the many massive fiery nuclear reactors in the known universe, TinkerPop is that, yet at the same time, a wholly different type of place indeed.

In a day of obscure (are there any other kind?) errors and annoyances, this is an absolute delight!

Highly recommended!

Furnace — A Property Graph Algorithms Package

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Furnace — A Property Graph Algorithms Package

Marko Rodriguez posted the following note to the Grelim-users mailing list today:


For many months, the TinkerPop community has been trying to realize the best way to go about providing a graph analysis package to the TinkerPop stack ( ). With the increased flexibility and power of Pipes and the partitioning of Gremlin into multiple JVM languages, we feel that the stack is organized correctly now to support Furnace — A Property Graph Algorithms Package.
( if the domain hasn’t propagated to your DNS yet )

The project is currently just stubbed, but overtime you can expect the ability to evaluate standard (and non-standard) graph analysis algorithms over Blueprints-enabled graphs in a way that respects explicit and implicit associations in the graph. In short, it will implement the ideas articulated in:

This will be possible due to Pipes and the ability to represent abstract relationships using Pipes, Gremlin_groovy (and the upcoming Gremlin_scala). Moreover, while more thought is needed, there will be a way to talk at the Frames-levels ( and thus, calculate graph algorithms according to one’s domain model. Ultimately, in time, as Furnace develops, we will see a Rexster-Kibble that supports the evaluation of algorithms via Rexster.

While the project is still developing, please feel free to contribute ideas and/or participate in the development process. To conclude, we hope people are excited about the promises that Furnace will bring by raising the processing abstraction level above the imperative representations of Pipes/Gremlin.

Thank you,

You have been waiting for the opportunity to contribute to the Tinkerpop stack, particularly on graph analysis, so here is your chance! Seriously, you need to forward this to every graph person, graph project and graduate student taking graph theory.

We can use simple graphs and hope (pray?) the world is a simple place. Or use more complex graphs to model the world. Do you feel lucky? Do you?