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The hypernode model and its associated query language

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The hypernode model and its associated query language


A data model called the hypernode model, whose single data structure is the hypernode, is introduced. Hypernodes are graphs whose node set can contain graphs in addition to primitive nodes. Hypernodes can be used to represent arbitrarily complex objects and can support the encapsulation of information, to any level. A declarative logic-based language for the hypernode model is introduced and shown to be query complete. It is then shown that hypernodes can represent extensional functions, nested relations, and composite objects. Thus, the model is at least as expressive as the functional and nested relational database models. It is demonstrated that the hypernode model can be regarded as an object-oriented one.

Interesting departure from hypergraphs with hyperedges, the latter being replaced in this model with hypernodes. Hypernodes consists of a unique label, nodes, which may be primitive or hypernodes, and, edges between nodes.

The authors went on to create an implementation and storage model for this model.