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Large-scale Pure OO at the Irish Government

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Large-scale Pure OO at the Irish Government by Richard Pawson.

From the website:

Richard Pawson discusses a case study of a large pure OO project for the Irish government, presenting the challenges met, the reason for choosing pure OO, and lessons learned implementing it.

This is an important presentation mostly because of Pawson’s reliance on Domain Driven Design (Evans) and the benefits that were derived from that approach. I think you will find a lot of synergy with extracting from users the “facts” about their domains. Highly entertaining presentation.

Pawson’s “naked object” approach has both Java and .Net implementations:

Naked Objects – .Net at Codeplex

Apache Isis – Java at Apache Incubator

Perhaps not quite right for web-based or casual users, but for power-users of topic maps, this might have some promise. Thoughts?

Pawson talks about reuse of naked objects. How would you compose (impose?) a subject identifier for a “naked object?”