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SharePoint Module 3.2 Hotfix 4 now available

Monday, July 30th, 2012

SharePoint Module 3.2 Hotfix 4 now available

From the post:

A new hotfix package is available for version 3.2 of the TMCore SharePoint Module.

Systems Affected

This hotfix should be applied to any installation of the TMCore SharePoint Module 3.2 downloaded before 30th July 2012. If you downloaded your copy of the software from our site on or after this date, the hotfix is included in the package and you do not need to apply it again.

To determine if your system is affected, check the File Version property of the assembly NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint in the GAC (browse to C:\Windows\ASSEMBLY, locate the NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint assembly, right-click and choose Properties. The File Version can be found on the Version tab above Description and Copyright). This hotfix updates the File Version of the NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint assembly to – if the file version shown is greater than or equal to, then you do not need to apply this hotfix.

I assume of interest mostly to Windows installations.

I don’t know of anyone running MS SharePoint on a Linux-based VM. Do you?