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KitaroDB [intrusive-keyed database]

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


From the “What is KitaroDB” page:

KitaroDB is a fast, efficient and scalable NoSQL database that operates natively in the WinRT (Windows 8 UI), the Win32 (x86 and x64) and .NET environments. It features:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces for C#, VB, C++, C and HTML5/JavaScript developers;
  • A proven commercial database system;
  • Support of large-sector drives;
  • Minimal overhead, consuming less than a megabyte of memory resources;
  • Durability as on-disk data store;
  • High performance, capable of handling tens of thousands of operations per second;
  • Asynchronous and synchronous operations;
  • Storage limit of 100 TB;
  • Flexibility as either a key/value data store or an intrusive key database with segmented key support.

The phrase “intrusive-keyed database” was unfamiliar.

Keys can be segmented into up to 255 segments with what appears to be a fairly limited range of data types. Some of the KitaroDB documentation on intrusive-keyed database” is found here: Creating a KitaroDB database.

Segmented keys aren’t unique to KitraoDB and they offer some interesting possibilities. More to follow on that score.

Storage being limited to 100 TB should not be an issue for “middling” data sized applications. ­čśë