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Introducing Truffler – Advanced search made easy

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Introducing Truffler – Advanced search made easy

From the post:

Last week during a presentation at a user group I showed the project that me and my two partners Henrik Lindström and Marcus Granström have been working on for quite a while now – Truffler. Truffler is a search engine that we offer both as Software as a Service and as dedicated servers for rent. It’s a commercial product but we offer free trial indexes as well as personal indexes to developers that want to use it for their blogs or hobby projects as long as they link to us.

Built on ElasticSearch, offering a .Net API. Windows developers take note.

Curious if you try it out, what do you make of the claim that “advanced search [is] made easy.”? Lots of people make it, not just Truffler. How would you evaluate that claim? Is ease of programming/configuration enough? What of the results? How do you judge those?

For my class, consider a project proposal for how you would compare two search engines, Truffler and another. Not actually doing the proposal but writing up the process by which would test one against the other. I think you will find simply designing how you would compare the two a reasonably sized project. Could be interesting to pitch your project design to the search engines in question to see if they would fund the comparison as a research project.