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Jogger: almost like named_scopes

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Jogger: almost like named_scopes

From the post:

We talked about graph databases in this and this blog post. As you might have read we’re big fans of a graph database called neo4j, and we’re using it together with JRuby. In this post we’ll share a little piece of code we created to make expressing graph traversals super easy and fun.

Jogger – almost like named_scopes

Jogger is a JRuby gem that enables lazy people to do very expressive graph traversals with the great pacer gem. If you don’t know what the pacer gem is, you should probably check pacer out first. (And don’t miss the pacer section at the end of the post.)

Remember the named_scopes from back in the days when you were using rails? Jogger gives you named traversals and is a little bit like named scopes. Jogger groups multiple pacer traversals together and give them a name. Pacer traversals are are like pipes. What are pipes? Pipes are great!!

The most important conceptual difference is, that the order in which named traversals are called matter, while it usually doesn’t matter in which order you call named scopes.

A nice way to make common traversals accessible by name.

Does the “order of calling” scopes in topic maps matter? At least for the current TMDM I think not because scopes are additive. That is the value covered by a set of scopes must be valid in each scope individually.