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Introducing the Events API

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Introducing the Events API by Brian Balser.

From the post:

This past November, The New York Times launched the Arts & Entertainment Guide, an interactive guide to noteworthy cultural events in and around New York City. The application lets you browse through a hand-selected listing of events, customizing the view based on date range, category and location.

At our annual Hack Day we made the Event Listings API, used by the interactive guide, publicly available to the developer community on the NYTimes Developer Network. The API supports three types of search: spatial, faceted and full-text. Each can be used separately or in conjunction in order to find events by different sets of criteria.

If the twenty-two (million) metro area population doesn’t sound like a large enough market, consider that New York City is projected to have fifty (50) million visitors in 2012.

Topic maps that merge data from this feed and conference websites seems a likely early use of this data. But more creative uses are certainly possible.

What would you suggest?