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Disco [Erlang/Python – MapReduce]

Monday, October 1st, 2012


From the webpage:

Disco is a distributed computing framework based on the MapReduce paradigm. Disco is open-source; developed by Nokia Research Center to solve real problems in handling massive amounts of data.

Disco is powerful and easy to use, thanks to Python. Disco distributes and replicates your data, and schedules your jobs efficiently. Disco even includes the tools you need to index billions of data points and query them in real-time.

Install Disco on your laptop, cluster or cloud of choice and become a part of the Disco community!

I rather like the MapReduce graphic you will see at About.

I first saw this in Guido Kollerie’s post on the recent Python users meeting in the Netherlands. Guido details his 5 minute presentation on Disco.