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Neo4jD–.NET client for Neo4j Graph DB

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Neo4jD–.NET client for Neo4j Graph DB

Sony Arouje writes:

Last couple of days I was working on a small light weight .NET client for Neo4j. The client framework is still in progress. This post gives some existing Api’s in Neo4jD to perform basic graph operations. In Neo4j two main entities are Nodes and Relationships. So my initial focus for the client library is to deal with Node and Relationship. The communication between client and Neo4j server is in REST Api’s and the response from the server is in json format.

Let’s go through some of the Neo4j REST Api’s and the equivalent api’s in Neo4jD, you can see more details of Neo4j RestAPi’s here.

The below table will show how to call Neo4j REST Api directly from an application and the right hand will show how to do the same operation using Neo4jD client.

Traversal is next and said to be Gremlin at first.

If you are interested in promoting Neo4j in the .NET world, consider lending a hand.