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Java Annotations

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Java Annotations

From the post:

Annotation is code about the code, that is metadata about the program itself. In other words, organized data about the code, embedded within the code itself. It can be parsed by the compiler, annotation processing tools and can also be made available at run-time too.

We have basic java comments infrastructure using which we add information about the code / logic so that in future, another programmer or the same programmer can understand the code in a better way. Javadoc is an additional step over it, where we add information about the class, methods, variables in the source code. The way we need to add is organized using a syntax. Therefore, we can use a tool and parse those comments and prepare a javadoc document which can be distributed separately.

Javadoc facility gives option for understanding the code in an external way, instead of opening the code the javadoc document can be used separately. IDE benefits using this javadoc as it is able to render information about the code as we develop. Annotations were introduced in JDK 1.5

A reminder to myself of an opportunity for the application of topic maps to Java code. Obviously with regard to “custom” annotations but I suspect the range of usage for “standard” annotations is quite wide.

Not that there aren’t other “subjects” that could be usefully organized out of source code using topic maps. Such as which developers use which classes, methods, etc.