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3rd Globals Challenge

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

3rd Globals Challenge

Contest starts: 10 Feb 12 18:00 EST
Contest ends: 17 Feb 12 18:00 EST

Topic mappers take note:

All applications must be built using Globals. However, you are also allowed to use additional technologies to supplement Globals (emphasis added, additional technologies, unlike some linked data competitions)

The email I got reports:

  • A cash prize of USD $3,500 for the winning entry
  • A press release announcing the winning participant and solution
  • A chance to win a free registration for the InterSystems Global Summit

You might want to drop by Globals to grab a copy of the software and read up on the documentation.

You can also see the prior challenges. These are non-trivial events but that also means you will learn a lot in the process.

2nd Globals Challenge

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

2nd Globals Challenge

Just a few hours left until the start of the 2nd Globals Challenge so I am sending this on its way.

Details being released at 18:00 EST on 2 December 2011!

Prizes to be awarded!

Maybe by this time next year we could organize something like this for topic maps. That would be way cool!


Saturday, April 9th, 2011


Jack Park forwarded this to my attention.

I am puzzling over:

At its core, the Globals database is powered by an extremely efficient multidimensional data engine. The exposed interface support access to the multidimensional structures – providing the highest performance and greatest range of storage possibilities. A multitude of applications can be implemented entirely using this data engine directly.

There is no data dictionary, and thus no data definitions, for the multidimensional data engine.

I “get” the part about extremely efficient multidimensional data engine (they say it often enough) but am curious why there is no data dictionary? Or at least why is that a claim to put up front?

Granting that I don’t consider data dictionaries to be self-describing but then neither are multidimensional arrays. Necessarily.

This database apparently lies at the core of a commercial application or line of commercial applications by Intersystems Corporation.