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F1 And Spanner Holistically Compared

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

F1 And Spanner Holistically Compared

From the post:

This aricle, F1: A Distributed SQL Database That Scales by Srihari Srinivasan, is republished with permission from a blog you really should follow: Systems We Make – Curating Complex Distributed Systems.

With both the F1 and Spanner papers out its now possible to understand their interplay a bit holistically. So lets start by revisiting the key goals of both systems.

Just in case you missed the F1 paper.

The conclusion should give you enough reason to read this post and the papers carefully:

The F1 system has been managing all AdWords advertising campaign data in production since early 2012. AdWords is a vast and diverse ecosystem including 100s of applications and 1000s of users, all sharing the same database. This database is over 100 TB, serves up to hundreds of thousands of requests per second, and runs SQL queries that scan tens of trillions of data rows per day. Availability reaches five nines, even in the presence of unplanned outages, and observable latency on our web applications has not increased compared to the old MySQL system.

Keep this in mind when you read stories composed of excuses about the recent collapse of