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Scotty [Unrestricted Access to Your Topic Map]

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Scotty – We transfer what you can’t

From the website/features:

Scotty is a free opensource proxy software for bypassing filter and censorship systems. A free and unrestricted web is one of the most important values our society has. This software helps people who are victims of censorship of governments or private organizations.

  • lightweight & platform independent
  • open source and free
  • secure RSA based encryption
  • uses simple http (when you have internet access, scotty works)
  • tunneling through any firewalls, webwashers, web filter
  • no privacy issues: uses your own server
  • supports Google AppEngine

Secure communications is likely to be a part of any topic map “system.”

Having topic mapped data is interesting but not terribly useful unless others can reach it. Past censors and others. Even more useful if others can communicate to add data to the topic map.

Scotty enables both of those use cases free of censorship.

There are other such systems but this one caught my eye this morning. Other suggestions welcome.

I first saw this in a tweet by Johannes Schmidt.