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NIEM EDemocracy Initiative

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

NIEM EDemocracy Initiative

Bare-bones at the moment but apparently intended as an extension of the < NIEM > mechanisms to legislation and other matters related to the democratic process.

Not much to see at the moment but subject identity issues abound in any representation of governmental processes.

Will try to keep watch on it.

< NIEM > National Information Exchange Model

Monday, September 5th, 2011

< NIEM > National Information Exchange Model

From the technical introduction:

NIEM provides a common vocabulary for consistent, repeatable exchanges of information between agencies and domains. The model is represented in a number of forms, including a data dictionary and a reference schema, and includes the body of concepts and rules that underlie its structure, maintain its consistency, and govern its use.

NIEM is a comprehensive resource for organizations to successfully exchange information, offering tools, terminology, help, training, governance, and an active community of users.

NIEM uses extensible markup language (XML), which allows the structure and meaning of data to be defined through simple but carefully defined syntax rules and provides a common framework for information exchange.

The model’s unique architecture enables data components to be constrained, extended, and augmented as necessary to formulate XML exchange schemas, and XML instance documents defining the information payloads for data exchange. These exchange-defining documents are packaged in information exchange package documentation (IEPDs) that are reusable, modifiable, and extendable.

It’s Labor Day and I have yet to get the “tools” link to work. Must be load on the site. ­čśë

It’s a large effort and site so it will take some time to explore it.

If you are participating in < NIEM > please give a shout.

PS: I encountered < NIEM > following a link to the 2011 National Training Event videos. Registration is required but free.