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Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

As businesses seek to maximize the value of vast new stores of available data, Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program prepares students to meet the growing demand in virtually every industry for data-driven leadership and problem solving.

Advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, computer-based data mining, and marketing, web, text, and risk analytics are just some of the areas of study offered in the program. As a student in the Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program, you will:

  • Prepare for leadership-level career opportunities by focusing on statistical concepts and practical application
  • Learn from distinguished Northwestern faculty and from the seasoned industry experts who are redefining how data improve decision-making and boost ROI
  • Build statistical and analytic expertise as well as the management and leadership skills necessary to implement high-level, data-driven decisions
  • Earn your Northwestern University master’s degree entirely online

Just so you know, libraries schools were offering mostly online degrees a decade or so ago. Nice to see other disciplines catching up. 😉

It would be interesting to see short courses in subject analysis, as in subject identity and the properties that compose a particular identity, in specific domains.

Informatics – University of Michigan

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Informatics – University of Michigan is described as:

Informatics combines solid grounding in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics, combined with study of the ethical and social science aspects of complex information systems. Informatics majors learn to critically analyze various approaches to processing information and develop skills to design, implement, and evaluate the next generation of information technology tools.

Sounds like a good place to look for potential topic map authors and/or to promote the use of topic maps!