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G2 | Sensemaking – Two Years Old Today

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

G2 | Sensemaking – Two Years Old Today by Jeff Jonas.

From the post:

What is G2?

When I speak about Context Accumulation, Data Finds Data and Relevance Finds You, and Sensemaking I am describing various aspects of G2.

In simple terms G2 software is designed to integrate diverse observations (data) as it arrives, in real-time.  G2 does this incrementally, piece by piece, much in the same way you would put a puzzle together at home.  And just like at home, the more puzzle pieces integrated into the puzzle, the more complete the picture.  The more complete the picture, the better the ability to make sense of what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what may come next.  Users of G2 technology will be more efficient, deliver high quality outcomes, and ultimately will be more competitive.

Early adopters seem to be especially interested in one specific use case: Using G2 to help organizations better direct the attention of its finite workforce.  With the workforce now focusing on the most important things first, G2 is then used to improve the quality of analysis while at the same time reducing the amount of time such analysis takes.  The bigger the organization, the bigger the observation space, the more essential sensemaking is.

About Sensemaking

One of the things G2 can already do pretty darn well – considering she just turned two years old – is ”Sensemaking.”  Imagine a system capable of paying very close attention to every observation that comes its way.  Each observation incrementally improving upon the picture and using this emerging picture in real-time to make higher quality business decisions; for example, the selection of the perfect ad for a web page (in sub-200 milliseconds as the user navigates to the page) or raising an alarm to a human for inspection (an alarm sufficiently important to be placed top of the queue).  G2, when used this way, enables Enterprise Intelligence.

Of course there is no magic.  Sensemaking engines are limited by their available observation space.  If a sentient being would be unable to make sense of the situation based on the available observation space, neither would G2.  I am not talking about Fantasy Analytics here.

I would say “subject identity” instead of “sensemaking” and after reading Jeff’s post, consider them to be synonyms.

Read the section General Purpose Context Accumulation very carefully.

As well as “Privacy by Design (PbD).”

BTW, G2 uses Universal Message Format XML for input/output.

Not to argue from authority but Jeff is one of only 77 active IBM Research Fellows.

Someone to listen to, even if we may disagree on some of the finer points.