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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

From the about page:

Less Junk is a search engine that aims to help sift through the junk on the internet. Let’s face it, there is way too much on the internet, and sometimes, you can’t find good information with a regular search engine. Less Junk searches only the top 5000 sites in the world based on user votes, so you know that you’re only searching the good stuff on the internet. A typical search can return literally millions of results, so you can see why this is helpful in a lot of cases. Our goal isn’t to replace the big name search engines, but rather to supplement them, and take off where they left off. Less Junk brings the social, human element to an industry that is defined by “crawlers” and “robots”.

A crude measure for “junk,” < 5,000th site based on votes. As useful as more elaborate and expensive measures for quality? Looking at the numbers for total votes all time:

  • Apple 13 votes
  • Facebook 17 votes
  • Microsoft 13 votes
  • Yahoo 14 votes
  • Youtube 23 votes

It looks like a social site that hasn’t quite gone social. If you know what I mean.

You have to wonder about Youtube getting 23 votes as “less junk” in any contest.

Still, limiting the range of search content, perhaps not by voting, may be a good idea.

Thoughts on criteria other than social popularity for limiting the range of material to be searched?