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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Natural Language Processing and Scala Tutorials by Jason Baldridge.

An impressive collection of resources but in particular, the seventeen (17) Scala tutorials.

Unfortunately, given the state of search and indexing it isn’t possible to easily dedupe the content of these materials against others you may have already found.


Monday, August 20th, 2012


From the homepage:

ScalaNLP is a suite of machine learning and numerical computing libraries.

ScalaNLP is the umbrella project for Breeze and Epic. Breeze is a set of libraries for machine learning and numerical computing. Epic (coming soon) is a high-performance statistical parser.

From the about page:

Breeze is a suite of Scala libraries for numerical processing, machine learning, and natural language processing. Its primary focus is on being generic, clean, and powerful without sacrificing (much) efficiency.

The library currently consists of several parts:

  • breeze-math: Linear algebra and numerics routines
  • breeze-process: Libraries for processing text and managing data pipelines.
  • breeze-learn: Machine Learning, Statistics, and Optimization.

Possible future releases:

  • breeze-viz: Vizualization and plotting
  • breeze-fst: Finite state toolkit

Breeze is the merger of the ScalaNLP and Scalala projects, because one of the original maintainers is unable to continue development. The Scalala parts are largely rewritten.

Epic is a high-performance statistical parser written in Scala. It uses Expectation Propagation to build complex models without suffering the exponential runtimes one would get in a naive model. Epic is nearly state-of-the-art on the standard benchmark dataset in Natural Language Processing. We will be releasing Epic soon.

In case you are interested in project history, Scalala source.

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