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Sindice SPARQL endpoint

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Sindice SPARQL endpoint by Gabi Vulcu.

From an email by Gabi:

We have released a new version of the SIndice SPARQL endpoint ( with two new datasets: sudoc and yago

Below are the current dump datasets that are in the Sparql endpoint:

dataset_uri dataset_name “dbpedia” “medicare” “whoiswho” “sudoc” “nytimes” “ookaboo” “europeana” “basekb” “geonames” “wordnet” “dailymed” “reactome” “yago”

The list of crawled website datasets that have been rdf-ized and loaded into the Sparql endpoint can be found here [1]

Due to space limitation we limited both the amount of dump datasets to the ones in the above table and the websites datasets to the top 1000 domains based on the DING[3] score.

However, upon request, if someone needs a particular dataset( there are more to choose from here [4]), we can arrange to get it into the Sparql endpoint in the next release.


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