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VMware’s Project Serengeti And What It Means For Enterprise Hadoop

Friday, June 15th, 2012

VMware’s Project Serengeti And What It Means For Enterprise Hadoop by Chuck Hollis.

From the post:

Virtualize something — anything — and you make it easier for everyone to consume: IT vendors, enterprise IT organizations — and, most importantly, business users. The vending machine analogy is a powerful and useful one.

At a macro level, cloud is transforming IT, and virtualization is playing a starring role.

Enterprise-enhanced flavors of Hadoop are starting to earn prized roles in an ever-growing variety of enterprise applications. At a macro level, big data is transforming business, and Hadoop is playing an important role.

The two megatrends intersect nicely in VMware’s recently announced Project Serengeti: an encapsulation of popular Hadoop distros that make big data analytics tools far easier to deploy and consume in enterprise — or service provider — settings.

And if you’re interested in big data, virtualization, cloud et. al. — you’ll want to take a moment to get more familiar with what’s going on here.

Chuck has some really nice graphics and illustrations, pitched to a largely non-technical audience.

If you want the full monty, see: Project Serengeti: There’s a Virtual Elephant in my Datacenter by Richard McDougall.

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