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XDGBench: 3rd party benchmark results against graph databases [some graph databases]

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

XDGBench: 3rd party benchmark results against graph databases by Luca Garulli.

From the post:

Toyotaro Suzumura and Miyuru Dayarathna from the Department of Computer Science of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and IBM Research published an interesting research about a benchmark between Graph Databases in the Clouds called:

XGDBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Graph Stores in Exascale Clouds”

This research conducts a performance evaluation of four famous graph data stores AllegroGraph, Fuseki, Neo4j, an OrientDB using XGDBench on Tsubame 2.0 HPC cloud environment. XGDBench is an extension of famous Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB).

OrientDB is the faster Graph Database among the 4 products tested. In particular OrientDB is about 10x faster (!) than Neo4j in all the tests.

Look at the Presentation (25 slides) and Research PDF.

Researchers are free to pick any software packages for comparison but the selection here struck me as odd before reading a comment on the original post asking for ObjectivityDB be added to the comparison.

For that matter, where are GraphChi, Infinite Graph, Dex, Titan, FlockDB? Just to call a few of the other potential candidates out.

Will be interesting when a non-winner on such a benchmark cites it for the proposition that easy of use, reliability, lower TOC outweighs brute speed in a benchmark test.