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How Sharehoods Created Neomodel Along The Way [London]

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

How Sharehoods Created Neomodel Along The Way


What: Neo4J User Group:CASE STUDY: How Sharehoods Created Neomodel Along The Way
Where: The Skills Matter eXchange, London
When: 27 Mar 2013 Starts at 18:30

From the description:

Sharehoods is a global online portal for foreigners. and the first place where new-comers to a city can build their social relationships and network – online or from a mobile phone.

In this talk, Sharehoods Head of Technology Robin Edwards will explain why and how Neo4j is used at this exciting tech startup. Robin will also give a whirlwind tour of neomodel, a new Python framework for neo4j and its integration with the Django stack.

Join this talk if you’d like to learn how to get productive with Neo4j, Python and Django.

Entity disambiguation:

I don’t think they mean:

Jamie Foxx

I think they mean:

django software The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

If you attend, drop me a note to confirm my suspicions. 😉

Topic Maps with Django – Post

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Topic Maps with Django

From the post:

As part of a rewrite of the Entity Authority Tool Set, I have written an implementation of the Topic Maps API in Django, cunningly titled TMAPI in Django.

As it stands, it passes its 288 unit tests, but has no UI, since I only need it for the internal use of EATS. It would of course be useful to have both a visualisation and an editing interface added to it, but I won’t be doing it any time soon without some inducement.

Anyone willing to assist?