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Design: Build the Mobile Gov Toolkit

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Design: Build the Mobile Gov Toolkit

Tim O’Reilly tweeted this link.

Deadline for comments: 2 September 2011

From the post:

Your recommendations will help build an open, dynamic toolset–on a public wiki–to help agencies create and implement citizen-centric mobile gov services.

We are focusing on five areas.

  1. Policies: Tell us about policy gaps or ideas to support building mobile programs.
  2. Practices: What would jumpstart your efforts? Templates? Standards? Examples? Can you share your templates, standards, business cases?
  3. Partnerships: With whom and how can we work together?
  4. Products: What are your ideas for apps, mobile sites, text programs, mashups?
  5. Promotions: What are some great ways to spread the word?
  6. Do you have another category? You can add that, too.

What should we tell them about topic maps?