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Search Potpourri: …My Breast Fell Out

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Today’s search term: breast

  1. Breast Implants $2500
  2. Breast – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Naked and Funny. Opps! My Breast Fell Out (video)
  4. Feel My Breasts (video)
  5. Breasts – sexual or for breastfeeding babies?
  6. >> SIZE & SHAPE
  7. Show prosthetic breast, woman told at airport
  8. Fake Doctor Jailed For Giving Breast Exams In Bars

I suppose one could argue this result set offers something for everyone.

But, the rest of the results, at least up to the first 50, were as uneven as the first ten.

Hardly encouraging say for someone seeking serious medical information.

Clustering similar entities into collections would be one way to improve upon this result.

The related search function does that to a degree. But only to a degree.

More detailed navigation would be a good thing.

Perhaps high level collection views that can be “zoomed” into for more detailed browsing.

Send your favorite search term(s)/phrases and a suggested search engine (remains anonymous for reporting) to:

Before anyone complains the search term was unfair, there were search engines that returned less varied results.