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“Mapping with Location Data” by Paul Smith (February 2011)

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

“Mapping with Location Data” by Paul Smith (February 2011)

From the description:

With the recent announcement of Baltimore’s open-data initiative, “OpenBaltimore”, there’s been lots of buzz about what people can do with some of this city data. Enter Paul Smith, an expert on data and mapping. Paul will be talking about EveryBlock and how his company uses city data in their neighborhood maps, as well as showing off some cool map visualizations. He’ll also be providing some insight on how folks might be able to jump in and create their own maps based on their own location data.

Our speaker Paul Smith is co-founder and software engineer for EveryBlock, a “what’s going on in my neighborhood” website. He has been developing sites and software for the web since 1994. Originally from Maryland, he recently moved to Baltimore after more than a decade in Chicago, where we co-founded Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail and produced the Election Day Advent Calendar.

Great source of ideas for city data and use of the same.

Two ways where topic maps are a value-add:

1) The relationships between data sets are subjects that can be represented and additional information recorded about those relationships.

2) Identification of subjects can support reliable attachment of other data to the same subjects.