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Forbes on Graphs

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Big Data Solutions Through The Combination Of Tools by Ben Lorica.

From the post:

As a user who tends to mix-and-match many different tools, not having to deal with configuring and assembling a suite of tools is a big win. So I’m really liking the recent trend towards more integrated and packaged solutions. A recent example is the relaunch of Cloudera’s Enterprise Data hub, to include Spark(1) and Spark Streaming. Users benefit by gaining automatic access to analytic engines that come with Spark(2). Besides simplifying things for data scientists and data engineers, easy access to analytic engines is critical for streamlining the creation of big data applications.

Another recent example is Dendrite(3) – an interesting new graph analysis solution from Lab41. It combines Titan (a distributed graph database), GraphLab (for graph analytics), and a front-end that leverages AngularJS, into a Graph exploration and analysis tool for business analysts:

Another contender in the graph space!

Interesting that Spark comes up a second time for today.

Having Forbes notice a technology gives it credence don’t you think?

I first saw this in a tweet by aurelius.