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Kuria 1.0.1 Released

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Kuria 1.0.1 Released

From the announcement:

Kuria is a frontend generator based on Java POJO annotations. The new version 1.0.1 is mainly bug fixing and some new features.

Kuria provides a set of java annotations and a parser to generate bindings for widget classes. These bindings are used to create input masks, tables and trees for the annotated domain model. It is strongly advised to use Kuria inside Eclipse plug-ins or maven projects.

Kuria is completely independent from any Topic Maps technology. But the “Ontology-based automatic generation of applications in Onotoa” uses Aranuka in conjunction with Kuria.

The new Kuria version 1.0.1 is mainly bug fixing and provide the following new features:

  • added weight attribute to field annotations to set order of widgets
  • create widgets for annotated super classes in InputMask
  • added Annox support (only in non OSGi environments)

You will get the sources and the change log for Kuria at Google Code.