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VOStat: A Statistical Web Service… [Open Government, Are You Listening?]

Monday, February 18th, 2013

VOStat: A Statistical Web Service for Astronomers

From the post:

VOStat is a simple statistical web service that lets you analyze your data without the hassle of downloading or installing any software. VOStat provides interactive statistical analysis of astronomical tabular datasets. It is integrated into the suite of analysis and visualization tools associated with the Virtual Observatory (VO) through the SAMP communication system. A user supplies VOStat with a dataset and chooses among ~60 statistical functions, including data transformations, plots and summaries, density estimation, one- and two-sample hypothesis tests, global and local regressions, multivariate analysis and clustering, spatial analysis, directional statistics, survival analysis , and time series analysis. VOStat was developed by the Center for Astrostatistics (Pennsylvania State University).

The astronomical community has data sets that dwarf any open government data set and they have ~ 60 statistical functions?

Whereas in open government data, dumping data files to public access is considered being open?

The technology to do better already exists.

So, what is your explanation for defining openness as “data dumps to the web?”

PS: Have you ever thought about creating a data interface that hold mappings between data sets, such as a topic map would produce?

Would papering over agency differences in terminology assist users in taking advantage of their data sets? (Subject to disclosure that is happening.)

Would you call that a “TMStat: A Topic Map Statistical Web Service?”

(Disclosure of the basis for mapping being what distinguishes a topic map statistical web service from a fixed mapping between undefined column headers in different tables.)