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Friday, May 4th, 2012


From the website:

Snooze is an open-source scalable, autonomic, and energy-efficient virtual machine (VM) management framework for private clouds. It allows users to build compute infrastructures from virtualized resources and manage a large number of VMs. Snooze is one of the core results of Eugen Feller`s PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr. Christine Morin at the INRIA MYRIADS project-team. The prototype is now used within the MYRIADS project-team in various cloud computing research activities.

For scalability Snooze employs a self-organizing hierarchical architecture and performs distributed VM management. Particularly, VM management is achieved by multiple managers, with each manager being in charge of a subset of nodes. In addition, fault tolerance is provided at all levels of the hierarchy. Finally, VM monitoring and live migration is integrated into the framework and a generic VM scheduler exists to facilitate the development of advanced VM placement algorithms. Last but not least once idle, servers are automatically transitioned into the system administrator specified power-state (e.g. suspend) to save energy. To facilitate idle times Snooze integrates dynamic VM relocation and consolidation.

Just in case you need to build a private cloud for your topic map or want to work on application of topic maps to a cloud and its components.

PS: Do note the additional subject identified by the string “snooze.”