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iFinder (Knowledge Maps)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

iFinder (Knowledge Maps)

From the webpage:

Knowledge Maps

Search from a different angle

As we know from current studies and user data analyses of search engine providers, most users enter max. two terms to start their search. By using the Knowledge Map, it is no longer necessary to enter even a single search term – just by a few mouse clicks the user can targetedly and comprehensibly reach the desired search result.

Your corporate knowledge at a glance

The IntraFind solution “Knowledge Map” offers a user-friendly surface for doing research in company internal data sources.

All available data are clearly visualized in a “360 degree view” and can be quickly and easily narrowed to the desired hit document just by mouse click without the need to enter one single search term.

The product guide for IntraFind’s Knowlege Map enhancement for iFinder has several riffs adaptable to promoting topic maps.

Difficult to tell from the product literature, which was sparser than most, what lies under the hood. Appears to be a metadata harvesting/navigation solution.

Did not see any signs of the ability to share/combine mappings together.

If you took this as a baseline, the value of mapping, then topic maps are a value-add to traditional mapping.