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Twitter users forming tribes with own language…

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Twitter users forming tribes with own language, tweet analysis shows by Jason Rodrigues.

From the post:

Twitter users are forming ‘tribes’, each with their own language, according to a scientific analysis of millions of tweets.

The research on Twitter word usage throws up a pattern of behaviour that seems to contradict the commonly held belief that users simply want to share everything with everyone.

In fact, the findings point to a more precise use of social media where users frequently include keywords in their tweets so that they engage more effectively with other members of their community or tribe. Just like our ancestors we try to join communities based on our political interests, ethnicity, work and hobbies.

And just like our ancestors our communities have semantics unique to those communities.

Always a pleasure to see people replicating the semantic diversity that keeps data curation techniques relevant.

Like topic maps mapping between language tribes.

See Jason’s post for the details but of particular interest is the placing of people into Twitter tribes based on usage.

Trending Terms in Google’s Book Corpus – Post

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Trending Terms in Google’s Book Corpus

Matthew Hurst covers an interesting new tool at Google Book Corpus that allows tracking of terms over time.


  1. Pick at least 3 pairs of terms to track through this interface. (3-5 pages, no citations)
  2. Track only one term over 300 years of publication with one example of usage for every 30 years. (3-5 pages, citations)
  3. What similarity measures would you use to detect variation in the semantic of that term in a corpus covering 300 years? (3-5 pages, citations)