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Stealth-mode 28msec wants to build a Tower of Babel for databases

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Stealth-mode 28msec wants to build a Tower of Babel for databases by Derrick Harris.

From the post:

28msec is not your average database startup but, then again, neither is its mission. The company — still in stealth mode (until our Structure Launchpad event on June 20) after about seven years of existence — has created a data-processing platform that it says can take and analyze data from any source, and then deliver the results in real time.

The company took so long to officially launch, CEO Eric Kish told me, because it took such a long time to build. The 28msec history goes like this: The early investors are database industry veterans (one was employee No. 6 at Oracle) who, at some point in 2006, envisioned an explosion in data formats and databases. Their solution was to create a platform able to extract data from any of these sources, transform it into a standard format, and then let users analyze it using a single query language that looks a lot like the SQL they already know. 28msec is based on the open source JSONiq and Zorba query languages and will be available as a cloud service.

Alex Popescu points to his: Main difference between Hadapt and Microsoft Polybase, HAWQ, SQL-H to underline the point that we all know ETL works, the question is what is required to optimize it.

I first saw this at Alex Popescu’s 28msec – query data from any source in real time.

PS: Should I send a note along to the NSA or just assume they are listening? 😉


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

JSONiq: The JSON Query Language

From the webpage:

JSONiq extends XQuery, a mature W3C standard, with native JSON support. Like XQuery and SQL, JSONiq is declarative: Expressions can nest with full composability.

Project, Filter, Join, Group… Like SQL, JSONiq can do all that. And it has many more features inherited from XQuery. JSONiq also inherits all XQuery builtin functions: date times, string manipulation, regular expressions, and more.

JSOniq is an expressive and highly optimizable language to query and update NoSQL stores. It enables developers to leverage the same productive high-level language across a variety of NoSQL products.

This came in over the nosql-discuss mailing list a day or so ago.

Sounds promising. Any early comments?